Battle of Britain.3of3.The Blitz (2005, Documentary)


Alexander IV


Published on Jun 26, 2020

During the first week of September, Hitler decided to move the bombing strategy away from the airfields, to civilian London. This episode examines the spirit of the Londoners who defied Hitler, and ultimately ended the war in the last weeks of September. The RAF with fewer resources, fewer men & machines had beaten the might of the Luftwaffe.

Alexander IV History's supplementary notes:
Narrator: Mark Dexter
F/O Gordon Batt 238 Sqdn
Sgt. Cyril Bamberger 610 & 41 Sqdn
P/O Thomas Neil 249 Sqdn
S/Ldr Tom Dalton Morgan 43 Sqdn
ObLt Gunther Rall Staffel 8/JG52

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