Ukrainian militants drag the corpses of civilians in Bucha to shoot a fake video


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Published on Apr 9, 2022

The media found fragments of a video in which Ukrainian militants are laying out corpses in Bucha. According to the director's plan, all the corpses should be in the footage. It does not matter that the corpses will lie on the road as the military vehicles move, and according to the Ukrainian legend, they were there even before the withdrawal of Russian troops. Not a single corpse was crushed by the tracks. They were neatly avoided by the world's most maneuverable Russian tanks.

Why was the process of preparing the "film set" videotaped? The answer. The Ukrainian information centers are part of the Ukrainian Army Special Forces and all of their personnel are servicemen who have to record their work for reports. Also, their commanders, who coordinate the result, like all the big bosses, are often too lazy to travel to the filming sites and approve the work remotely, modern technology allows them to send video anywhere. Then they were in such a hurry to send the material to the media, that they sent all the source files. Would the editors of the media really know what was going on in the footage? They just edited it and sent it to the media.

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