Texas Father Fights Like Hell to Save his Son from Evil – Jeff Younger


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Published on May 19, 2022

Preview clip of Jeff Younger speaking at The Patriarch Convention 2021 of Orlando Florida.
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About Jeff

Jeff Younger has dedicated his life to serving others and his county. A Veteran in the United States Army Infantry, Jeff also served as an Infantry Assualtman in the United States Marine Corps. His last duty station was at the United States Army Airborne School before being honorable discharged in 1984.

A small business owner, Jeff has helped build and optimize systems for oil refineries and oil pipeline networks for over 20 years. Jeff has managed complex, international projects in the fields of automation, fraud detection, and anti-money laundering in financial institutions for some of the largest companies in the world. With his skills and knowledge in the field of mathematics and artificial intelligence, Jeff helps solve some of the most difficult problems in the energy, financial, and logistics industries, as well as creating training and hiring programs for consulting companies across the globe. We can trust Jeff to continue to be a problem solver and job creator for us in the Texas House.

Jeff also has experience working with members of the State House, Senators and local and state-wide grassroots organizations to enact and execute Conservative legislation. So far Jeff has written laws, testified and organized voters to:

Outlaw sex change surgeries on minors
Outlaw chemical castration of minors from puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones
Outlaw schools from transgender transition without parent's consent
Enact comprehensive changes to the Family code
Reform Juvenile justice laws

Jeff has also helped other states achieve conservative goals by:

Working with South Carolina Representatives to outlaw transgender child abuse
Speaking at conservative political forums in multiple states and internationally
Paying to train some of the foremost expert advocates for ending transgender child abuse

Jeff has established a working relationship with our state and local leaders, and we can trust him to continue his work in Austin to preserve and advance our Conservative values.

Jeff is lives in Flower Mound and is an active member at Saints Constantine and Helen Antiochan Orthodox Church in Carrollton, Texas.

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