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TRUMP Speech Signals:Military in Control as Biden recklessly opens the Borders.US Interregnum begins


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Published on Jan 21, 2021

BREAKING: Few people realize that several months ago the sacrosanct MONROE DOCTRINE was about to be violated by the Communist Red Chinese. That's right. Communist Canadian PM Justin Trudeau (more a fan of Fidel Castro then he ever was of Wayne Gretzky) welcomed the CCP military for joint Winter war game exercises on Canadian soil.


Top secret report states that President Trump & loyalist US generals asked the patriots of the Northland's Royal Army, Navy & Airforce to block goofy, Red socks Trudeau from sanctioning these war games which would have allowed for the building of a large CCP base on the northern Tundra.

Also, our good democratic allies in India were very wroth with Trudeau since the CCP military was trying to learn how to fight the well trained Indian army in the frigid high mountains of territory China is trying to illegally seize.

With the help of Beijing Biden, Obama, CDC getting an aerosol bio terror weapon to the CCP Wuhan Lab, and after its release in our hemisphere last December of 2020 - the CCP & Trudeau used the COVID 19 distraction to bring in the REDS on Canada's sacred soil.


The fact is we are under attack by Communist Red China & our hemisphere security is in imminent danger of invasion - even as our 2020 national elections were attacked by CCP. Not so fast said Royal commanders to the north and their rank and file freedom lover soldiers. Oh Canada we stand on GUARD for thee!

So too our true President, Donald J. Trump, set forth EO's within the military that binds our US Generals and Admirals to set up a similar Interregnum military's government and to arrest Kamala Harris & Beijing Biden if they dare commit treason against the safety and security of everyday American citizens,


But sadly, 19 new and seditious America last executive orders have been signed Biden which will allow for millions of unknown illegal aliens, criminals, terrorists, drug lords, human traffickers etc. along with CCP Chinese military, to pour over our scared borders virtually unidentified & undetected. The Canadian military has already laid down the LAW to a enraged Justin Trudeau. Our US military is also doing the same.

We will soon see if our US military adheres to the same patriotic loyalty to secure our borders and national security as their military' counterparts to the north. God help us all if our military allows reckless and seditious Kamala & Biden ruin and defund them (as Biden & Obama have once before) and leave our great nation vulnerable to a Red Chinese attack.

We are told that in fact the US military is going to be taking action against Biden's treasonous administration very soon before Biden PURGES our great military of all loyalists to our Constitution

Pray that the US Military is truly in Control as Biden recklessly opens wide the borders. Let the Interregnum begin. We must STOP COLD this multicultural, multi pronged attack on the U.S. We must resist a total Communist takeover not, GOD HELP US ALL!

Federico Cardella


Federico Cardella
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