Maloof the War Criminal Spoof, and the AnteDote to Faulty Faultlines of Engineered Perception


The Antedote


Published on Apr 21, 2021

Greg and Jeremy discuss the coverage by Radio Sputnik's 'Fault Lines' of Russian President Vladimir Putin's 'State of the Nation' Address, and Michael Maloof being brought on to discuss the foreign policy portion of Putin's speech. We detail Maloof's key role in the propaganda network leading up to the Iraq war, via the Office of Special Plans, and play a 2019 clip of Maloof on RT claiming that George Tenet tricked Bush into waging war in Iraq, motivated by democratic partisanship. We discuss Greg previously reaching out to 'Fault Lines' co host Jamarl Thomas about Maloof's history and Thomas' promise to bring it up during Maloof's next show appearance. Maloof is anything but a principled critic of American foreign policy, and failure to even acknowledge his background while presenting him as a credible
voice on geopolitcal matters is unacceptable.

Correction: it was mentioned that RT head Margarita Simonyan hosted a program which featured the US Capitol building on fire. The program logo actually featured
Simonyan walking onto and over the White House.

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