I am a Female Bodyguard. Can Female Bodyguards Keep you Safe?


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Published on Apr 25, 2022

Female bodyguards are becoming increasingly popular with high-profile clients. Although many women can’t flaunt huge biceps like stereotypical bodyguards in black suits, they’re as trained and professional as their male counterparts.

The documentary features interviews with female bodyguards from Russia and Egypt. They let us inside the life of a bodyguard and tell us why they’ve chosen a non-traditional career path. Female bodyguards are in high demand in Asian countries.

Women bodyguards have many advantages – they’re not easily spotted and can pass for nannies or assistants, able to take potential attackers by surprise. Some also say that women are better at sensing dangerous situations. In the meantime, sceptics we spoke to vehemently opposed these arguments. They claim women are less agile and strong and are prone to mood swings.

Watch our documentary to hear from both women bodyguards and sceptics to decide which side you are on in the gender war.