COVID NORMAL with Richard Riordan MP




Published on May 3, 2021

Now we are entering 'Covid Normal', what do we want it to be? Do we even have a choice?

Richard Riordan MP joined me to discuss as many aspects of Covid Normal as possible:

Medical martial law
States running out of money
Businesses choosing Sydney and Adelaide over Melbourne
A 2-tiered society (mandatory vaccinations)
Making life easy for government (but not for you)
VicRoads being flogged off


1:46 Shifting Goalposts – ‘the beach is unsafe…go to Bunnings’
3:00 Anzac Day Hypocrisy 2021
5:05 The Colac Community Beat Covid-19 without Government
5:53 Shifting Goalposts – vaccines no longer our saviour
9:26 Medical Martial Law
12:27 States running out of money
14:58 Pulling out of Victoria – it’s not safe for business
16:18 COVID-23 (The Songbird Movie)
22:37 NSW Hotel Quarantine Sets the Standard
23:33 A 2-tiered society (mandatory vaccinations)
28:14 Disenfranchised citizens
29:34 Easy for Government (But Not For You)
32:35 Service NSW vs VicRoads
35:01 Vaccine Passports Around The World
39:25 Getting rational with Australia’s state borders
42:28 Liberals suck at elections
44:52 Calling for Smarter Government
47:06 Richard’s Magic Wand
47:42 Geelong’s Rebound Proves you Don’t Need Government to Succeed
51:53 How We Should Get to ‘Covid Normal’


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