Lord Monckton on Climate Change (Another Must See)


Hollands Glorie


Published on Nov 17, 2016

Lord Monckton is a great Illuminati Psyop. (possibly unaware of his role) He tells the truth 100% and still discredits the case. You know how?
By introducing a "Lord" into the equation. "Lord" suggests 100% subservient to the (Illuminati) Queen. He also is a "Knight of Malta", which suggests he is working for the highest Illuminati authority: the (black)Pope. (The remark about FOX news, of which we all KNOW that they are as crooked as can be and work for the New World Order, makes me doubt his un-awareness a bit). These elements are introduced to make YOU doubt the TRUTH. Simple, but very effective.
Never the less, HE IS TELLING YOU THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH, so learn from it.