Could Australia Vote to Abolish Itself? | Gregory Hood (Article Narration)


Based Jared Taylor


Published on Sep 4, 2023

This is a recorded reading of the article "Could Australia Vote to Abolish Itself?" written by Gregory Hood and posted on on July 21, 2023.

The article being read:

Links to the AmRen and other things referenced and pictured (in order):
The Real Meaning of ‘Land Acknowledgements’:

For any Australians:
I recommend following Joel Davis, an Australian dissident who speaks the truth about race, immigration, The Voice, and more.
Here's his YouTube:
Here's his Telegram:
Here's his X/Twitter:
Here's his CozyTV channel (where he livestreams about every other day):
Joel Davis is most active on Twitter and Telegram.
Also, here's a Telegram channel dedicated to spreading awareness on why every Aussie should vote No on The Voice:
Be sure to reach out to family/friends, explain why they should vote No on The Voice, vote No on Oct. 15th and remind others to do the same.

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