Dr. Fredrick Töben's 2007 Speech At The 'No More Wars For Israel' Conference In California




Published on Sep 19, 2012

The fact is. The so-called "holocaust" is an "Alice in Wonderland" rip-off, replete with Anne Franks who write sob stories with ballpoint-pens that were not manufactured until the 1950s. It represents nothing more than a vast moneymaking machine. They have screwed us backwards, forwards and every time we open our mouths.

No Jew living today can prove conclusively that the gas chambers ever existed. They served only as delousing clinics. The seminal testimony "Sachenshausen-Workauta" (banned in Germany) proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the "gas chambers" were created as tourist attractions in 1948. There exists not one eyewitness testimony to the death of a Jew in any so-called "gas chamber". That is an historical fact.