The Prophets & The Streamers (4-28-20)


Luke Ford Livestreams


Published on Apr 28, 2020

00:00 Why did Millenial Woes leave nationalism?
36:00 Are we living in a police state?
44:50 Tucker Carlson says the USA is becoming more like communist China
48:00 The Youtube livestreamer as prophet
1:07:00 GJ vs JF on Covid-19
1:11:00 The poetry of John Donne,,,
1:15:00 Dennis Prager: Has the Lockdown Worked?
1:25:00 Dems have enough Tara Reade info to force Joe Biden out if they wish
2:00:00 A review of Charles Murray's new book,
2:31:30 Mouthy Buddha on the AR,
2:36:00 Globalism vs nationalism in the US v China war,
2:47:00 Don't sniff petrol
2:51:00 12yo Ben Shapiro plays Schindler's List
Lucy Brown's revelations on Millenial Woes, her video on Antifa:
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