Tesla's INSANE NEW Truck Revealed By Elon Musk!


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Published on Jan 6, 2022

Tesla's INSANE NEW Truck Revealed By Elon Musk!
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The Cybertruck, according to Musk, will be far more than a typical pickup truck. The car would be available with certain "sick accessories" around 2020, according to the CEO. And the expanding add-ons business shows he may be correct. You can convert the truck's bed into a mobile living place with a stainless-steel Airstream-style trailer and a camper setup. The Cyberquad, a four-wheeled electric ATV that fits straight into the truck bed, is also in the works.

That's just the official, first-party mods and accessories. Other businesses are already attempting to cash in on the trend. In the ten months following the truck's public debut, a swarm of Cybertruck-inspired initiatives has sprung all around the world. The most noteworthy of these is a massive complex named the Cyberhouse, which was clearly inspired by the car and has a garage large enough to accommodate the truck.

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