Russophobia - Censorship on YouTube - 29 video clips removed - IT CONTINUES


Djuki San


Published on Mar 2, 2023

Banned on YouTube - deleted video clips due to Russophobia and censorship of the truth.

You can see these videos at:

1. Белилицы, румяницы вы мои - Дарья Рубцова (2022)
2. Captured members of the Ukrainian army paint bridges in the colors of the Russian tricolor
3. Donald Trump - Our country is rapidly "moving towards hell"
4. Камаринская - Osipov Russian Folk Orchestra (2020)
5. Tensions over Ukrainian refugees as the EU struggles with the influx
6. Russian UN Ambassador, Vasily Nebenzya, speech about history of Ukrainians (May 12, 2022) - SUB
7. Калинка (Kalinka) - Aлексей Татаринцев (2017) - SUBTITLES
8. Norwegian self-propelled howitzers "ended their careers" in Ukraine
9. День славянской письменности и культуры (2017) - Гала-концерт на Красной площади
10. День славянской письменности и культуры (2013) - Гала-концерт на Красной площади
11. The intercepted Ukrainian militants were carrying weapons, grenade launchers, grenades and ...
12. The flag of Victory is flying over the waters of the Dnieper again
13. Ukrainian extremists turned apartments into drug laboratories
14. Светит месяц - Osipov Russian Folk Orchestra
15. Juha Korhonen - Burned NATO flag in the center of Helsinki
16. Germany vows more weapons for Ukraine...weapons Berlin doesn't have (MULTI SUBTITLES)
17. Москва златоглавая - Дарья Рубцова (2022)
18. Ямщик, не гони лошадей - Борис Дьяков (2022) - SUBTITLES
19. In Chisinau, clashes between the police and protesting supporters of the Shor party
20. "Lancet" destroyed the American self-propelled guns "Paladin"
21. Training for the Victory Parade 2022
22. Moldova - The people demand the resignation of the government
23. Русская зима - Вера Городовская
24. Не для тебя - Пелагея (2015) - SUBTITLES
25. Lavrov se dirigió al público: Nadie arruinará las relaciones entre Serbia y Rusia
26. Combat flight of the Su-34 crew during a special military operation
27. At "Army-2022" they noticed a robot-dog with a grenade launcher
28. Victory parade in Volgograd
29. Прощание славянки (Farewell of Slavianka) - Хоровые коллективы из России (2013)

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