Duplicitous "Free Speech" Warriors + Sham Elections & Bogus Blockchain Solutions


Doom’s Dungeon


Published on Nov 20, 2022

I will be discussing:
-My video that was removed on the YouTubes—and not bc of “big tech censorship" either
-Who needs "big tech" or "elites" to censor you when you can just do it to one another. Hilarious.
-Manufactured election chaos
-Liquid Democracy
-Digital Twins
-Google Votes
-Cloud Industrial Complex
-Elon Musk & Twitter
-USPS & blockchain voting
-Proof of Authority
-Inspector General & Swiss Economics
-Generative Economics
-Behavioral Economics & “Discrete Choice Experiments”
-Holons & Complex Systems

My Essay:

There seems to be a concerted effort to amplify the “election shenanigans” (that have always occurred, by the way)—this time, by using more contentious and overt methods to discredit the entire process (especially in the past few elections). Could this be a coordinated attempt to “undermine” the general public’s belief in the “legitimacy of the election process”—hmm? I think elections (in general) have always been a sham. However, the recent, and seemingly manufactured, chaos surrounding the current U.S. elections could be a precursor to introduce blockchain voting and then slowly usher in digital governance, which would rise from the primordial “liquid democracy” waters—accompanied by buzzwords like “transparency” and “open source” software. I shall attempt to string those thoughts together; in addition, I’ll explain why I think Elon Musk, Twitter, and USPS may be significant in this thought exercise. Bonus: some words on holons and complex systems.


“Pushing the Envelopes: New US Postal Service Report Assesses Possible Blockchain Applications”

Office of Inspector General: "Step into Tomorrow: The U.S. Postal Service and Emerging Technology"

���Switzerland Positioning Itself as Blockchain Capital of the World”

Swiss Economics Firm:

Behavioral Economics & “Discrete Choice Experiments” (DCE):

Essay I wrote last year: “Crypto Cuba, Nanotech Revolutions, and Behavioral Economics”

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