Our Line in the Sand: An Antedote Retrospective, and More on the Capitol Chaos


The Antedote


Published on Jan 15, 2021

We begin this episode by giving more thoughts about the events at the capital on 1/6, our assessment of what we believe took place, and we discuss the unprecedented uncertainty of this moment both domestically and internationally, with yet another new and renewed push taking place against Iran during Trump's final days. We then do a retrospective discussing how our thoughts and positions have evolved over the nearly four and a half years of hosting The Antedote, citing past episodes where we have spoken in depth about some of the primary topics we have devoted time and attention to. We "draw a line in the sand" and lay out where we stand (and do not stand) in terms of the current media and activism landscape and how we plan to help direct and move discourse in the coming year.

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