#94: Three Days of Darkness (David Wilcock Review), Find the Markers, BOOM Week


Pardon My American


Published on Apr 2, 2020

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Episode Description:
Dave and Greg open the show with a grab bag of topics in the news, including a toilet paper catastrophe, Adam Schiff blaming Trump for everything, and unexpected individuals reaching out to assist the US with Cv. The guys review David Wilcock’s recent release that discloses an impending three days of darkness that will shut down the internet and phone services (excluding emergency providers). Greg entwines Wilcock’s claims with several markers within Q posts that indicate how the upcoming events will unfold.

*David Wilcock on The Great Pandemic III: New Briefings, Restitution and the Big Picture!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tM3tCnLDPVw&t=7244s

*Trump Retweets Ron DeSantis: https://twitter.com/GovRonDeSantis/status/974993586629554176

*USMC Video: https://twitter.com/USMC/status/1138053196436238336

*IET17-Outages for Major Cell Providers: https://twitter.com/Inevitable_ET/status/1244951634117083136

*ENoCH-3/17/18 Q Posts: https://twitter.com/elenochle/status/1244306444771414016

*Q-Map: https://qmap.pub/