AmRen 2018: "Reports from the Field"


American Renaissance


Published on May 22, 2018

Reports from allied organizations at the 2018 American Renaissance conference.

Patrick Casey of Identity Evropa discusses his group’s strict recruitment standards and regular activism. Identity Evropa continues to get nationwide headlines and draw new recruits, but the group is also heavily involved in building up local networks and communities around the country.

John Derbyshire reads a letter on behalf of Lydia Brimelow of Mrs. Brimelow acknowledges the last year has seen increased repression against Dissident Right voices. In response, is pursuing three goals. First, retrieving the wounded. Second, promotes litigation to fight back against deplatforming and repression. Finally, it is working with allies to build “the home front” and establish local networks. And all the while, it publishes must-read content for anyone who thinks seriously about immigration policy.

Greg Johnson of Counter Currents speaks about his website and his upcoming projects. Dr. Johnson says he is working on a White Nationalist manifesto that will describe the ethical, political and social case for white ethnopolitics. He also announces the beginning of a project, entitled New Nationalism, that will chronicle the populist and nationalist movements that are even now upsetting the global establishment and reshaping world politics.

Martin O’Toole spoke on behalf of The Occidental Quarterly, one of the foremost journals of white advocacy. TOQ has published a distinguished roster of authors over many years on a remarkable variety of topics, from contemporary politics to art, literature and history. It continues to be an essential institution for a growing movement.

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