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From Langley Park 2 Armageddon? Accelerationist Nick Land 1970s schoolfriend of Quaker Tony Gosling




Published on Mar 28, 2022

From Langley Park to Armageddon? Accelerationist Nick Land 1970s schoolfriend of Tony Gosling in Kent

David Livingstone - is Henry Kissinger the world's Luciferian High Priest?  – Tony was at grammar school, friends with 'pro WW3' Accelerationist author and philosopher Nick Land PhD at Langley Park school in West Wickham, Kent. One of the central figures of accelerationism is the British philosopher Nick Land, who taught at Warwick University in the 1990s, and then abruptly left academia. “Philosophers are vivisectors,” he wrote in 1992. “They have the precise and reptilian intelligence shared by all who experiment with living things.” Iain Hamilton Grant, who was one of Land’s students, remembers: “There was always a tendency in all of us to bait the liberal, and Nick was the best at it.” Since Warwick, Land has published prolifically on the internet, not always under his own name, about the supposed obsolescence of western democracy; he has also written approvingly about “human biodiversity” and “capitalistic human sorting” – the pseudoscientific idea, currently popular on the far right, that different races “naturally” fare differently in the modern world; and about the supposedly inevitable “disintegration of the human species” when artificial intelligence improves sufficiently.

Accelerationist occultists and nihilists pushing humanity toward Armageddon? Linking up online with English author and philosopher Nick Land, Yarvin, writing under the nom de plume Mencius Moldbug, helped develop the doctrine of “neoreaction,” or NRx, essentially an argument that democracy had outlived its usefulness. The movement is also known as the Dark Enlightenment, a term coined by Land, in his essay of the same name. Land has been described as the “father” of accelerationism, a set of ideas which propose that capitalism and technological change should be drastically accelerated to create further radical social change.[241] Drawing on the work the postmodernists Gilles Deleuze, Felix Guattari and Jean-Francois Lyotard, Land argued that capitalist technological progress was transforming not just our societies, but the individual, who is becoming less important than the techno-capitalist system itself.[242] Accelerationism reflected a similar approach adopted by Satanists, particularly the Process Church and Charles Manson. As explained by Jean-Paul Bourré, in Les sectes Lucifériennes aujourd’hui (“The Luciferian Sects Today”), the Luciferian orders sometimes have different goals, but they all share in common the particular goal of wanting to trigger the apocalypse necessary for the final transformation: the acceleration of the events of the End Times, and the preparation of an occult elite destined for the priesthood of the Luciferian religion.[243] Although the Process Church’s “processean” theology is considered unrelated to the process theology of Alfred North Whitehead­who influenced Deleuze­after its leader DeGrimston was removed by the Council of Masters as Teacher, many former members of the cult joined Deleuze in his leadership of the Anti-Oedipal movement of 1968.[244] Hinting at the connection, Land explained in an email to Vox, “Modernity has Capitalism (the self-escalating techno-commercial complex) as its motor. Our question was what ‘the process’ wants (i.e. spontaneously promotes) and what resistances it provokes.”[245] Land was a lecturer in Continental Philosophy at the University of Warwick from 1987 until his resignation in 1998. At Warwick, he and Sadie Plant co-founded the Cybernetic Culture Research Unit CCRU. After the CCRU split from Warwick in 1998, according to Andy Beckett, a journalist who chronicled the CCRU’s in The Guardian, Land and his remaining followers moved into a home in Leamington, where they were drawn to numerology, HP Lovecraft, and Aleister Crowley, part of an obsession with the occult that had flourished in the accelerationist ranks. “The CCRU became quasi-cultish, quasi-religious,” explained former member Robin Mackay. “I left before it descended into sheer madness.”[246] Land has also “highly-recommended” the works of David Myatt’s fascist Satanist Order of Nine Angles (O9A), whose international distributor is adept Kerry Bolton, founder of the Black Order and associate of Alexander Dugin.

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