The West faces Defeat in the Economic War on Russia / The Global Chaos is Powerless against Moscow




Published on May 19, 2022

The West faces Defeat in the Economic War on Russia / The Global Chaos is Powerless against Moscow

Three months later, even the most vehemently pro-Western propaganda media had to admit the failure of the West in the economic war against Russia. I noticed that the Western media began to publish more and more articles about the economic war between the West and Russia. And in these articles, Western experts ask only one question - Why, against the backdrop of unprecedented sanctions, the Russian economy not only did not weaken but even strengthened. More and more analysts are concluding that Russia was ready for such unprecedented sanctions and global economic chaos. The economic war between the West and Russia has been going on for months. The United States, the European Union, and their allies regularly announce new sanctions against the Russian Federation, including the energy sector. For a while, President Joe Biden even made loud statements that the days of the Russian economy were numbered. However, the Russian economy continued its development. Moscow increased the export of energy resources and significantly increased its income from international trade. In addition, the ruble was recognized as the best currency of the year: despite the sanctions, the growth of the Russian currency amounted to 11%.

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