Does Poverty Impact Intelligence? | Eric Turkheimer and Stefan Molyneux


Stefan Molyneux


Published on Oct 18, 2015

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Does economic status have an impact on Intelligence? Dr. Eric Turkheimer discusses his research on how "Socioeconomic Status Modifies Heritability of IQ in Young Children," nature versus nurture, the genetics of personality and what can be done so that children reach their full potential.

Socioeconomic Status Modifies Heritability of IQ in Young Children

Eric Turkheimer is currently a professor of psychology at the University of Virginia, is an Associate Editor of Behavior Genetics and has served on the editorial boards of Journal of Abnormal Psychology and Developmental Psychology. In 2009, he was awarded the James Shields Award for excellence in twin research by the Behavior Genetics Association and the International Society for Twin Research. He is currently incoming President of the Behavior Genetics Association.

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