Radio 3Fourteen - Mike Clelland - Synchronicity, UFOs, Owls & Kubrick, Fowler and The Watchers


Red Ice TV


Published on Apr 18, 2013

Mike Clelland works as an illustrator for magazines and instructional books and as an instructor for an outdoor school, which involves doing 30-day courses across North America, including Alaska, British Columbia, the North Cascades and throughout the Northern Rockies. He wrote and illustrated the book "Ultralight Backpackin' Tips." Additionally, Mike runs a blog called Hidden Experience, which delves into his experiences with strangeness and synchronicity. He's also recorded 80 hours of audio interviews, focusing on the UFO abduction experience. We'll discuss the connection between the UFO phenomena and synchronicities. Owls also seem to play a mysterious role. Then, Mike will discuss his essay on the evolutionary triad seen in Kubrick, Fowler and The Watchers. He points out the eerie aspect of possible genetic alterations between modern humans, chimpanzees and the grays. Later, we explore what the alien myth might represent. If we project on the phenomenon are we creating more shadow zones?

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