Ancient Tree Research Project (Part 2) ~ Giant Cedars of Lebanon 🌲


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Published on Feb 20, 2018

This is Part 2 in a collaborative effort between ODD Reality, crackerwv, Shadie and myself to bring forth our research on the Ancient Trees that used to inhabit our plane. In Part 2 we focus on WHO cut the trees, evidence in the Bible and other literature, as well as the medicinal benefits of DMT and other plant derivatives. We look at the two Masonic books from Lebanon that Shadie has been given access to and some of the symbolism we have discovered in them and our interpretations, as well as more pictorial evidence across our plane.

Special thanks once again to ODD. He is da bomb! What can we say? I told him he's our anchor. Like at a mall, you need the anchor store so all the other stores will follow. Haha. Well ODD is our anchor in every good way possible! You can check out more from him on his channel here:

And a special thank you to cracker, our wonderful friend, who is our in-house expert on DMT (haha, tis true) and masonic connections, as well as how they tie in to the Bible. You can check out more from him on his channel here:

And last but never least, a special thank you to our passionate friend Shadie, who's love for his country fueled his research of Lebanon and taught us much about his beloved country. Truly knowing about Lebanon has made me respect the country and people all the more. You can check out more from Shadie at his website: or you can email him at:

For the written article you can read it at my website Here is a link:

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