A Friend in Syria gives her views on the War


Ryan Dawson


Published on Oct 7, 2014

it was 3:30am when I took this call. I don't know if she knew I am in the Japan not the US or what. But she got my book and was touched by it. This is not a political analyst or anything just a woman living in Syria. She's watching her nieces because their father was a Syrian officer he and his brother were killed by the US supported terrorists. I'm glad the people of Syria are getting ANC news and realizing that not all Americans are psychotic or fooled. I am leaving her name off on purpose.

It makes me so mad. I'm furious and frustrated. How long, how many times can our government just pull a stunt and lie in order to generate more wars of choice? It is not going to end until we end it. No one but the American people have the power to stop American aggression. I saw these little girls. That's why the Syrians are fighting, to protect their own children from religious fanatics and power hungry monsters.

If you have trouble with her English please don't tease. I will transcribe everything when I have the time on Rys2sense.