Shanghai Government Claims Not to Be Responsible for Lockdown | CCP Passes the Buck in This Way


China Observer - Vision Times


Published on Jun 2, 2022

After three months of various levels of lockdown, Shanghai is nearing the end of the fight against the epidemic. While everyone is concerned about when the city will be fully reopened, the Shanghai government recently replied that: Shanghai has never announced lockdown of the city, so there is no reopen either, and no reopening celebrations will be arranged; the resumption of normal life and production will be carried out in batches, and fully reopening cannot be done at once; the city will be opened gradually according to the sequence of the precaution zone, control zone and lockdown zone; the orderly resumption of access to residential areas, public transport operations, and vehicle traffic will begin from June 1.
What's even more ridiculous is that on May 29, the leader of a relevant department in Shanghai also indicated that residents’ committees, who actually carried out the residential building closure and control, is an autonomous organization of residents. The actions taken by the residents’ committees fighting against the epidemic, is the result of residential autonomy. The government is not responsible for the legality of the residents’ committees’ actions, which are based on the government’s requirement. The government is not responsible for the consequences caused by residents’ committees’ actions. This is to imply that the Shanghai government believe that the residents being strictly confined to their homes, having to buy high-priced foods, and being unable to receive medical treatment when they are sick, etc. are all voluntary behavior of the residents, and have nothing to do with the government, and therefore the government will not bear any responsibility.....
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