Enough of the Twitter race wars; let's talk about science - JF Gariépy TPS #797


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Published on Jun 19, 2020

Talking about Eric Weinstein's tweet:
And...just like that it was 1937.
Remember what Diversity-And-Inclusion really means. It means this.
It just takes a loooong time to rip the mask off.
But when the mask comes off, so do the gloves. You weak sons of bitches have declared war now?
Well then. So be it.
In reply to Barbara Kay:
From quotas to merit to quotas in three generations. Oh well, can't complain, we Jews had a pretty good run there. Will the pitchforks now head over to the Nobel Prize Committee offices?

Original video by Jean-François Gariépy on The Public Space:
Facebook Operates a Secret Diversity Police | TPS #797
10:09 https://youtu.be/BSXbvrX_8pU?t=609

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