Peter Peters - "The Tale of Two Cities"




Published on Mar 27, 2015

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Eric (aka: WVradioman)
This is one of Pastor Peter Peters older (1987), but very "thought provoking" and also quite entertainingly funny (through his analogies and stories), type of a "teaching-sermon"., and was made about the time that the TV mini-series named "Amerika" had been released. (read "show more" below)

With his typical straightforward and easy to understand "cowboy logic / reasoning"., he really makes a LOT of sense..!! He "shares" many insightful and understandable concepts from his life (and that of others), and also a *great* story (at about 26:00) about his 6 foot 3 inch tall German grandfather who was a Sheriff in eastern Colorado..!!

He starts off (in the first 5 minutes or so) by explaining how "Jesus alone"., is NOT "the answer"., to the problem of the "parasites among us"., that "religion is (or can be) the opiate of the people"., how "man's law" (ie: Communism, Capitalism, etc.) differs from "Gods law"., and that *no one* can ever truly be a "sovereign person"., as you'll either be a "slave" to one or the other., and MANY other such *truly logical* concepts that are made VERY understandable..!!!

Though to truly understand much of what he's relating his "subject matter" to., the listener should also know and understand (at least the basics) of the "Christian Identity Movement"., as it pertains to the "Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Germanic, Celtic and kindred peoples of the world"., as being the TRUE "12 tribes of Israel"., and *NOT* the hook-nosed., beady-eyed., impostors living in that desolate sand-box of a country, named "Israel-Lie"..!!!

No matter where one "stands" on the Bible and / or religion in general., they can (if open-minded enough to Truth)., will be able to come away from this speech with MUCH to think AND reason about...

May those of you., who have an "ear to hear" come away from this., with a greater ability for "critical thinking"..!!!

As always., if you've benefited from it.., pass it on to others...