Syrian Poet Adonis: Muslims Behave in a Way That Awakens Dormant European Racism




Published on Dec 13, 2018

Syrian poet Adonis was interviewed on Mayadeen TV (Lebanon) on December 2, 2018. Asked about the wave of Islamophobia in France, Adonis said that this phenomenon's roots date back to the Crusades, and that there are racist inclinations in Europe, even if they are sometimes dormant. He also said that Muslims sometimes behave in ways that awaken this dormant racism because they do not acknowledge others and they view them as different. He said that Islamic culture wants to impose itself wherever there are Muslims without taking into consideration the society that embraces it. He also argued that it was not anti-Islamic or racist for Germany to refuse to allow Saudi Arabia to finance German mosques, and that it would not be racist for France to announce that mosques are exclusively for prayer and not for cultural activity.