Why did Putin give the order to put all of Russia's Nuclear Missiles on High Alert?




Published on Feb 28, 2022

Why did Putin give the order to put all of Russia's Nuclear Missiles on High Alert?

Greetings my dear truth seekers. As you remember, two days ago I posted a video where I told you that the Topol-M strategic nuclear systems were seen in Moscow heading the western borders of Russia. Back then I suggested that Russia was preparing a tough response for incautious statements of NATO top leadership. And I was right. 24 hours after posting my video, Putin gave the order to put all of Russia's Nuclear Missiles on High Alert. Obviously, by such radical methods, Putin sent the United States and its NATO allies a clear signal not to interfere in Russia's special operation in Ukraine. My friends, the fact is that immediately after the start of the military special operation in Ukraine, Western countries, one after another, began to exert economic pressure on Russia, imposing all kinds of sanctions. However, the Russian authorities expected such a reaction and prepared in advance for all sorts of restrictions. However, the adventurous actions of the United States and its NATO allies came as a complete surprise to the Russian leadership. Thus, the British authorities supported the desire of some British to go as volunteers to Ukraine to resist the Russian army, and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced that Berlin would transfer to Ukraine a thousand anti-tank guns and 500 Stinger missiles............

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