Joey Gibson Patriot Prayer USA


Published on Jun 1, 2020

I want to be very clear with what I am about to say. As many of you know I have practiced non-violent resistance for almost 4 years now. I have taken several beatings and I have been pepper sprayed so many times that I am now literally immune to it. It was a commitment I made to God, and it was extremely hard for me especially since I am a fighter (those of you close to me know this) and I could have legally put a lot of commies into the hospital if I wanted to. But the non-violent resistance is what needed to be done at that time. In the beginning people thought antifa were justified in their violence because they thought they were attacking Nazis. The non-violent resistance helped awaken a lot of people to this lie.

I have been praying and putting much thought into what is happening to our country. I will now no longer be practicing non-violent resistance. This is not out of anger or hatred, it is out of love for my family and this freedom that I cherish with all my heart. I do not have any specific plans nor do I intend to provoke, bait, or cause any violence but I will LEGALLY AND LAWFULLY defend my community and enforce any laws that the government fail to enforce. These criminals have become so emboldened by how weak and soft we the people have become. Everyone of those criminals in this video should be put down, but instead they walk around with ZERO fear. We the people should not be afraid, the criminals should be deathly afraid of us just thinking about committing these crimes.

Again this is not an emotional post and not out of anger. I have never felt more clear minded in my life. After much prayer I have decided I will no longer be a sacrificial lamb. We the believers need to be lions and stand tall to protect our community in a strategic and intelligent way. Do not rely on our government. God bless all of you and stay safe.
-Joey Gibson