Argentine pres. candidate denounces abortion, gender ideology




Published on Sep 24, 2019

BUENOS AIRES, September 18, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — Argentine presidential candidate Juan Gómez Centurión said in an exclusive interview with LifeSiteNews that preserving unborn babies and family life is essential to Argentina’s economic and social development.

Interviewed by LifeSiteNews at his office near Buenos Aires, Gómez Centurión, a decorated soldier and the former vice president of Argentina’s national bank, set out his vision for the country should he win in October’s presidential election. He is leading the only pro-life party, while also espousing policies to favor family life. The 61-year-old is at the head of the ticket for the NOS Front, seconded by running mate Cynthia Hotton. Having served in the government under incumbent president Mauricio Macri, Gómez Centurión said he promises to “Make Argentina great again.”

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