Yemen The Invisible War, Trailer


Ryan Dawson


Published on Jul 16, 2018

So I don’t have the scores or background music yet. I made it a slower pace.
Chapter 1 I’ll be walking through a history of previous wars in the area. This will include the Six day war tie in.
Chapter 2 I’ll explain the Importance of the MSR and Red Sea access. This sets up the true tension and competition with Iran and Saudis Arabia and it’s not religious.
Chapter 3 Socotra and the UAE mini battle.
Chapter 4 the most recent phase of the conflict. This will deal with two outside economic drivers for arms trade and mercenaries. The IMF has incentives to create economic conditions such that men seek the military just to have a viable job in the third world.
Chapter 5 is what we can really do about it.

I’m working my day job this week and going to the US 24-12 with my family for the first time. I have Native American projects to finish there. But I hip to finish this Yemen film in August. We are above the patreon goal so I should be able to complete it and start on Afghanistan’s visuals.

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