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John Pence, Ivanka & Lara want Trump to surrender-Super Pac $ readied for their liberal pol. futures


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Published on Dec 22, 2020

BREAKING:Trump Pathways to Victory. Trump girls & his advisors DO NOT want him to invoke the Insurrection Act of 1807 - they would rather he CONCEDE to Communists than to do that of course. But nonetheless, Donald J. Trump valiantly fights on.

POTUS wisely recognizes that there is no other option as this election was fraught with FRAUD & foreign interference-even from Communist Red China a mortal adversary who attacked this nation with bio terror & then CCP-USA left wing activists used that as cover to cheat the President out of his LEGAL vote victory. It was the death of our system of free & fair elections by a 1000 cuts.

God fearing, law abiding freedom loving Americans everywhere are not going to be a doormat for communist subversion. Our votes will be fairly & ethically counted- ONE WAY THE OTHER! On January 6th 2021 American patriots everywhere will march on Washington in biggest mass protest in American history.The communist MSM Media, ANTIFA & BLM marxists need to step aside.The American patriot-We the People" are coming to Washington to SAVE OUR REPUBLIC, our Constitution & Bill of Rights.

But certain members of the Trump family- even trusted inner circle advisors are cautioning him to concede and to certainly not declare a national emergency or invoke the INSURRECTION ACT of 1807 as other Presidents have done. Some of the Trump girls evidently have their ambitious, liberal eyes on Senate seats in NC (Lara) & Florida (Evanka).They do not want the spectacle of the President fighting on.

Ivanka, Tiffany & Lara all feel it will hurt their chances in 2022/ 2024. So they plead with the President to jump ship. His advisors too ask him to take the big Trump Super Pac money of $600 million & escape from corrupt DC with a golden parachute to Mar A Lago.

Of course they would ruin the Trump legacy if their advice was to prevail. The President must soldier on. He did not take a vow to his family when he took office in 2016. He took a vow to DEFEND THE US CONSTITUTION AGAINST ENEMIES FOREIGN & DOMESTIC. He swore allegiance before God to sacrifice his own life for the sake of 330,000,000 freedom loving Americans.

He can't quit. He can't allow a foreign enemy power and corrupt Socialist democrats cheating machines in 6 swing states & in 6 corrupt voting districts illegally steal an election from the American people in all 50 states! God forbid. And if he turned over the White House keys of police & military power to CCP- Beijing compromised communist spies (i.e.Joe Biden & Kamala Harris), he would go down in Communist history books as being the most powerful US president in history to becoming the WEAKEST & the WORST!

Bill Barr in the DOJ, Chris Wray in the FBI, Gina Haspel in Intel/CIA, Mark Milley DOD & many traitors in the Pentagon have allied themselves against him. What will he do? We believe Donald Trump will FIGHT. For us. For our country. For our children. If all the SCOTUS appeals & legal routes fail, if cowardly electors succumb to pressure & allow this communist spy to declare himself the 46th President-the President must marshall together Constitutionalists loyalists left in the military.

He must urgently build his alliances there. No matter what his advisors say - HE ALONE is the Commander in Chief. As with Abraham Lincoln in 1861, he alone can use war powers to SAVE the Republic however unpalatable that his to his family, friends & advisors. He must not- he cannot turn the keys of authority & executive power over to CCP bought & paid for subversives! Rather, he should at last use the arrows in the quiver the Founders left for him under Article 2.

He as Lincoln & others, must needs be declare a national emergency, invoke the Insurrection Act of 1807, set up military tribunals & arrest en masse thes Communist infiltrators. All dual citizens of the CCP China must be expeditiously DEPORTED. A non-nuclear declaration of war must be declared on Red China for its sinister & subtle use of a designer bio engineered bioterror weapon which has killed some 275,000 of our fellow citizens and wreaked havoc on our jobs, economy, education. small business and attacked our individual freedoms in America.

Joe Biden now bodaciously blames Russia & Trump for he & his son's crimes & treasons with China and other foreign nations. They have no shame for the treacheries believing that Trump is weak- not prosecuting even one criminal of their CCP cabal since he became President.

No matter, on January 6th -the people will literally take back their government!


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