Tre_son Is As Treas_n Does...The Election Crimin_ls Are Cornered


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Published on Nov 18, 2020

11/18/2020: Guli_ni, Powell, say the capture is active-- the C_A involvement confirmed and reaches to many West_rn Countries. Get to Atlanta and all the swing states and fight to Stop the St_al!!....

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Get to Atlanta GA and fight for the Rep_blic:

Monkeywerx lays out the G-Mo flight on 11/16 from DC to G-Mo:

Guli_ni says US ballots tallied outside the USA:

Maloney Sequoia legal fight:

Please watch The Gateway Pundit's updates on the Ste_l:

ES & S is the Other criminal election corp, made with chinese electronics and tablet systems used in this attempted Election Ste_l:

Krebbs hosted Election Watch party with Dominion Executives:

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