Bryan Clough on the Kent-Wolkoff affair




Published on Jun 26, 2016

New Right Radio

Bryan Clough, the author of several books and articles dealing with computer virus writers, credit card fraud, banking and the activities of MI5 during World War II, gave a speech entitled “The Kent-Wolkoff affair” (based on his book), at the 6th meeting of the New Right, on Feb. 18, 2006. Topics include:
•The Right Club, a staunch anti-Communist organization, and its infiltration by MI5 under Maxwell Knight;
•The activities of Tyler Kent, an American diplomat, and Anna Wolkoff, the daughter of an Russian Imperial admiral;
•Kent’s whistle-blowing of Lend-Lease and the correspondence of Churchill & Roosevelt;
•The show trials of Kent, Wolkoff, and William Joyce (“Lord Haw Haw”), and what Clough’s research reveals.

JONATHAN BOWDEN raises some very very VERY!!!!; interesting points here.

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