Peter Peters - Jews are Self Proclaimed Natural Born Liberals




Published on Mar 3, 2015

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Eric (aka: WVradioman)
I believe this was part #6 of a 7 part series that Pastor Peters did in the early 1990s. The series was entitled., "They and Us"..!! --- (please read the "show more" below)...

In this VERY "reveling" part of the "They and Us" series that Pastor Peters did (at about 10 minutes into his talk), he begins to speak of "liberalism", and then plays an audio recording of a famous Jewish judge / lawyer. He then stops it at different points to repeat what was said., and then analyzes those sections.

It's an audio recording of a conference on "Law and Religion" at the Lewis and Clarke Law College. The conference was held on May 7th, 1988, and was "co-sponsored" by an organization, by the name of "Judaic Studies".

The theme of the conference was "Jewish Influence in Law"., and talks at length about the "contribution to human rights by the five (5) Jewish justices of the United States Supreme Court"..!!

In this recoding., you'll get to hear directly from "the horse's mouth"., so to say., of Judge Abner J. Mikva., who then gives his "overview and insight" of., and about the five (5) Jewish Supreme Court Justices of the United States., at the time of this particular conference.

There's much too much to cover here, as to what is discussed in this recording., especially as to how Judge Mikva describes that "Jewish judges and lawyers are natural born liberals by religion, tradition, education, and environment"..!!

But I have a true hope., that those that "have an ear to hear"., and a "hunger and thirst for knowledge AND Truth"., will take the time to listen to it., in its entirety...

As usual., please do your best to not only remember and use such knowledge to protect yourself and your "loved ones"., but to also pass-it-on to others., that you believe have an "ear to hear"...