Winglord — "The Chosen One" (Teaser Trailer)




Published on Mar 14, 2012

New Winglord album, "The Chosen One", out now! (Released on April 18, 2012.) If you like this sample, please support the artist and buy the CD:

"From the opening strains of its evocative and forceful overture, the epic tale of The Chosen One unfolds, piece by piece, as if you were watching a movie about the rise of a new Europe. Winglord has made the soundtrack to the story that you've always imagined.

This album is the highly anticipated sequel to Winglord's successful debut album, Heroica. Symphonic timbres team up with solid rhythms, angelic choirs and inspiring narratives to form a mythic whole.

Every new historical era began as a vision. Be part of it - follow The Chosen One."

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