Dr Shiva Ayyadurai, The real enemy is the Racist Big Pharma


Thomas Mourino8


Published on Jan 4, 2022

The reality is that big pharmaceutical companies don’t give a damn about colored people because they abuse people and then they indigenous people and if you’re an animal lover, take note that they kill a lot of animals. I vehemently disagree with Dr. Shiva’s harsh criticism of Robert F Kenney and Joe Rogan, although Donald Trump has definitely gone out of his way to endorse the dangerous vaccinations that are going around. Joe Rogan and Robert F Kennedy are putting a lot on the line by trying to expose corrupt governments that are trying to use fear porn in order to push unneeded shutdowns and a vaccine that is dangerous. Still, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai is right on this one point, what history has shown is that the important thing to create is a bottoms up movement. In order to win, we have to win the foundations of systems and number 2 we have to connect with others so that we can build our movement and we have to go beyond the dialectic of left and right. We are on the same team people, team America and we are fighting the woke culture propaganda peddled by big tech oligarchs as well as the World Economic Forum and their propagandists in the media.