Autism: Mom Uses Biomedical Treatment and Diet Change to Recover Child




Published on Nov 16, 2010

Parents of autistic children have had great success using Biomedical Treatments to partially or even fully reverse the symptoms of Autism in their children. In this video is Becky Estepp, parent of a 12-year-old Autistic child who she says is about 75% recovered after doing extensive Biomedical Treatment interventions. She shares how her pediatricians refused to acknowledge Biomedical Treatment for her child, and in fact, refused to help her in any way once she went down that path. She also shares how vaccines and the normal vaccination schedule caused vaccine damage to her child, and that the vaccines were the primary root cause of her child's Autism. She found a Defeat Autism Now! Doctor (a DAN! Doctor) to treat her child, and has had great success doing so (over the course of many years).

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Pediatricians and doctors who practice conventional medicine don't understand the causes of Autism, and therefore are at a loss as to how to effectively treat children diagnosed with Autism. Fortunately, there are many medical doctors, and Naturopathic Doctors, who have done the research to understand the root causes of Autism, and therefore successfully treat children diagnosed with Autism.

Some of the Biomedical Treatments she used include:

• Dietary changes, including the elimination of gluten and casein (dairy), while adopting a more organic, chemical free diet.

• Chelation therapy, which is the removal of heavy metals from the body (while under medical supervision).

• Detoxification, including Glutathione supplementation and Methyl B12 injection therapy.

• Nutrition therapy, to replenish critical vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. This includes probiotics and cod liver oil.

• A colonoscopy, which revealed inflammation and other problems in the gut so that the child's gut could be appropriately treated.

Mrs. Estepp shares a compelling story why every parent with an Autistic child ought to seriously consider working with a DAN! Doctor and begin Biomedical Treatment.

If you have a child with Autism, there is hope. Find a DAN! doctor near you and visit him/her. Parents have recovered children - either fully, or mostly - because of the alternative medicine steps they took, and so can you.

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