The Matrix Decoded


rosette delacroix


Published on Jul 2, 2017

This presentation uncovers the hidden symbolism in The Matrix. We will see connections with Christ and Mary, Lucifer and Lilith, and who Neo and Trinity really represent. Are they the saviors of humanity? Or are they tricking us into accepting the Luciferian system?

Addendum: This was in answer to a question regarding who is on each side basically, and here is my reply: Okay look at it this way. The agents/masons and Morpheus/Neo/Trinity are ALL on the same team. But they want us to think they are on opposing sides. Classic Hegelian! If we buy Neo's version (which is exactly what they want) than they win! If you notice Neo leaving the phone booth at the end. He is STILL in a simulation. So what changed? He says in the end freedom, no laws, no rules, NIHILISM. Do what thou will- no morals! That is what the controllers want! Another example is Batman. He is Baphomet man. He is rich. He is of the elite. He works WITH the police in Gotham (GOAT TOWN- they system) to keep the system going! He doesn't destroy the system. The bad guys he fights would be the Agent Smiths right? You side with Batman baphomet man. Again classic Hegelian. They trick us into buying THEIR system NOT breaking us out of the system as they promise. Far from it. They NEED the system to keep control over us!!! They will NEVER willingly let the system fall.

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