3d Printed AK Mods: Success or a Quick Way to Ruin Your Gun? (First Test)


Gunny McGunsmith


Published on Dec 11, 2020

I 3D Printed this AKM handguards out of Atomic PLA. Obviously they're going to melt, but just how bad can they be? Well... Potentially bad enough to damage your gun.

We will be doing more 3D printed AK accessories in the coming months as I don't really have ammo to test any other platforms right now. Speaking of having no ammo, a lot of you have said that you'd like to support the channel. I now have a way to do so! Visit GunnyMcGunsmith.com and scroll down slightly. You'll find a section titled "Support the Channel" and you can pick a tier to support with. They work just like Patreon where different tiers get you more or less benefits.

Thank you all for watching and as always, stay safe, stay free, and good luck with your builds!

Link to my website: gunnymcgunsmith.com