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Published on Apr 30, 2011 According to the DSM IV Psychiatric Diagnostic Manual, Autism is not "Autism" if there are medical problems in the person given that diagnosis. Since the vast majority of children diagnosed with Autism also have medical problems, the diagnosis is not valid according to Dr. Kenneth P. Stoller, MD. In this video Dr. Stoller shares:

• Most children diagnosed with Autism never receive a medical workup, but if they did, the doctor would likely discover metabolic and toxicity problems.
• Problems include compromised immune systems, inability to detoxify and nutritional deficiencies.
• The "Autism" diagnosis often prevents the diagnosed child from getting a proper medical evaluation.
• Autism is often a medically induced environmental toxicity problem
• Conventional medicine does not have an appropriate approach to treating children with Autism.
• ABA Therapy is fine, but children can't get better if their gut is hurting during therapy.
• Psychoactive drugs are used, even though they do little good.
• People are drugged because Pharma has nothing else to offer.
• Pharma plays a role in causing the Autism epidemic.
• Heavy metals, such as mercury, will cause Autism.
• Thimerosal is a preservative that contains mercury.
• Pharma is not held liable for vaccine damage done to children.
• The Supreme Court stated that vaccines are inherently dangerous, and ruled that vaccine manufacturers cannot be held liable for vaccine damage.
• Throughout medical literature going back to 1943 all of the theories suggest a link between the MMR vaccine and Autism as well as mercury and Autism.
• Vaccines are linked to brain damage in published research.
• The formerly secret now made public Simpsonwood meeting in June of 2000 between the CDC and vaccine manufacturers prove that the manufacturers of vaccines knew that just 12.5 micrograms of mercury found in vaccines will cause ADD/ADHD (there are 25 micrograms in the flu vaccine).
• Neurobehavioral problems are caused by mercury and vaccines.

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