Dissidents Fiddle While Trump Burns (Episode 5)


The Antedote


Published on May 3, 2017

Recorded March 19, 2017

Greg and Jeremy discuss the escalation of tensions with North Korea, and by extension, China. We compare the Trump administration's belligerency with China to the similar attitudes held by so many within the establishment toward Russia, and why it is really not accurate to label Trump as a representative of peace when his administration has only replaced Russia with China as the top enemy of the US. We discuss geopolitical reasons that might explain the source of the Trump administration's hostility toward China, and Jeremy delivers a passionate address about a better path going forward. We also discuss mainstream articles detailing the recent Twitter war between Paul Joseph Watson and Richard Spencer in which David Duke got involved, and ask why these people continue to get so much promotion and coverage while people like Professor Tony Hall or Joy Karega who have lost their university jobs for their outspokenness in questioning the official narratives behind the "war on terror" do not receive similar treatment and are instead completely ignored by both mainstream and "alternative" media. Finally we discuss a recent article written by Graeme McQueen critical of the academic Left's refusal to question the official September 11 narrative, as well as comments made by Abby Martin in which she essentially blames Truth advocates for turning people off who would otherwise perhaps be receptive to the message, and a comment by Chris Hedges in which he says that the organized Left avoids 9/11 truth due to cowardice.

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