Red Ice Radio - Loren Coleman - Hour 1 - The Copy Cat Effect & The Aurora Shooting


Red Ice TV


Published on Aug 7, 2012

Loren Coleman is one of the world's leading cryptozoologists. He has also been an instructor, associate professor, research associate, and documentary filmmaker, in various academic university settings, since 1980. Loren has written extensively in the social sciences, having authored, coauthored, or edited several books, including the critically acclaimed Suicide Clusters. His newest book examines the role of media and cyclic violence in The Copycat Effect: How the Media and Popular Culture Trigger the Mayhem in Tomorrow's Headlines. Loren joins us to discuss the Aurora shooting and The Copycat Effect. He'll discuss suicide clustering, twilight language and harmonic dates and names. He shares his interesting analysis covering synchronicities, patterns and oddities in relation to the Aurora shooting and James Holm, which he refers to as a "Red Dawn" event.