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Published on Apr 11, 2019

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BREAKING: Julian Assange Arrested - carried off by British EU thugs to jail - Hillary & DNC celebrates their revenge but the whole world got darker - Assange is the greatest journalist of our time and he's been totally silenced. The corrupt global elites will not stand for anymore Sun light to be beamed upon their dark corruption. Freedom loving folks need to be concerned and pray for he and his family. Oh ye Brave Heart that cries "Freedom" who does not think of his sickly tormented self when carried off but cries "RESIST" - resist what fine journalist? RESIST tyranny" says Julian Braveheart ...

So I see some applauding his arrest on the right and I say to myself- how weak are their ingrate memories? Have they forgotten the total malaise and drop in poll numbers for Trump after the heart wrenching Billy Bush tapes exploded on the News cycle. Have they forgotten how sincerely burdened we all were after that evil, low life Bush-Hillary punch?
Trumpers really don't recall how then Assange's DNC -Hillary Email DUMPS right before the elections put the winds behind us instead in front of us with the TRUTH & evidence of her and Podesta's corruption?

Now overall I like FOX News and Newt Gingrich - but they are flat out WRONG on their negative opine of Julian Assange as a anti corruption journalist. Maybe it is because FOX is owned by elitist billionaires who all voted for Hillary? (Murdoch boys and dad are lefty globalists who often market a compromised American conservative viewpoint-except for Judge Jeanine- Maria Barlow- Lou Dobbs Tucker, Hannity and a few others)

As a journalist I realize that Assange is not always aligned with my own pro Trump conservative perspective - he's definitely more liberal than I. But I am wise enough to see that this is not about political affiliation- but defending THE FREEDOM OF THE PRESS - the only business mentioned in the US Constitution. . And when someone publishes the truth about corruption that is good for everyone. Interesting that Julian also tweeted that originalist, Koranic Islam as as evil & oppressive as Nazism - the globalist-Islamist alliance didn't like that as you can see. He is also a NATIONALIST - no one is saying he's perfect but some in Trump nation and are FOX are flat out slandering him.

No matter, we defend free speech here! We defend Julian's right to publish whistleblower info (he does not hack nor is he working for any state party such as Russia etc) He is no Snowden or Manning and has already stated that they both were criminal in the way they divulge classified info. We are obviously pro Trump- but if extradited to the US- we hope the DOJ and Bill Barr and the President treats him fairly.

Pray that God would give him grace and strength for what is to come. That a 1000 more Julian Assange's awake the sleeping giant of "we the people" that they may rise up and defend their free speech and defend their most basic personal liberties from encroaching globalist elites trying to consolidate power in the hands of a few with no accountability.

We ask that the President and the new AG Bill Barr show him some clemency if he is extradited to the United States. Since Sweden has dropped their former specious charges of sexual assault against him we hope the British people demand their corrupt EU elitist government that has allowed dangerous migration to overrun its entire country- LET HIM GO.

(subscriber Patrick) "All must know by now British operatives dragged Julian Assange out of the embassy. This historical event is a dark day for true journalism. Sending prayers for Julian Assange! May some form of justice being served for this patriotic soul. Julian Assange has sacrificed more than we can ever imagine for the betterment of mankind. God Bless you Julian. We thank you for your service which is above and beyond!"


#RealDonaldTrump #Wikileaks #FreeJulianAssange

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