Brian Trascher: Trump recount committee checks the raw data from Dominion servers seized in Germany


David Bui


Published on Nov 19, 2020

Trump recount committee checks raw data from seized Dominion servers

On Wednesday (November 18), the Trump Recount Committee said in an interview that they has been intercepted from Frankfurt, Germany. The original voting data was restored on the Dominion server, and said that the result will “shake to the core of globalists.”

In an interview with Newsmax on Wednesday, Trump’s 2020 campaign agent and member of the recounting committee, Brian Trascher, said that the Trump team has already checked the Dominion election in Frankfurt, Germany. The original data of the system server, “obtained a lot of data.”

Traschel said, “This information will be made public, and it will be shaken to the core of globalists.”

More detail:

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