Red Ice Radio - Gerald Celente - The Decline of USA & The Individual Solution


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Published on Dec 2, 2012

Gerald Celente is an American pioneer trend strategist who observes and analyzes the current events forming future trends for what they are. He is an author, business consultant and publisher of the Trends Journal, which forecasts and analyzes business, socioeconomic, political, and other trends. Celente has described himself as a "political atheist," unencumbered by political dogma, rigid ideology or conventional wisdom, his motto is "think for yourself." Gerald will discuss the 2012 USA Presidential Election aftermath. On a good note, 11 million less people voted in the US this year, although the masses are still in a state of Stockholm syndrome, allowing psychopaths get away with murder. We'll discuss the decline of the USA and how it is becoming a militarized, fascist nation. Gerald says the only way out of this system, is to not support it. He recommends the Swiss model of direct democracy. One of the top trends he sees is the state secession movement, which he says could happen easily, productively and economically. Bottom line, he explains how it comes down to the individual as the solution. Gerald shares the trend he sees for the next 4 years in America. We end on a discussion about leading by example, returning to a renaissance and honing your secret individual weapon.