Call to Angus Taylor 's Office to Refute Fake Claims About Naomi Wolf's Alleged "War on Christmas"


Daily Clout


Published on Dec 4, 2019

Angus Taylor, an Australian MP in charge of energy and the climate crisis, made news in the last few days for having stated wrongly in his maiden speech in Parliament that Naomi Wolf was living down the hall in 1991 when graduate students at Oxford attacked the Christmas tree in the Common Room; a more detailed account of this fake alleged campaign against Christmas was told to the Financial Review, a major publication, but this stands uncorrected by Angus Taylor's office or the man himself.
This was my baffling experience of calling Angus Taylor's office to get a basic common-decency correction of fake news using my name in ethnically/religious divisive ways in two major public forums, one a national legislative forum.
Thank you to The Project (an Australian newsmagazine television show) whose clip of Taylor's speech, along with reporting, is reproduced here. Only my phone number has been muted in this video.