Christmas Markets & Diversity Barriers


Mark Collett


Published on Dec 14, 2017

A frank discussion on this year’s Christmas markets and the highly visible signs that multiculturalism simply isn’t working – diversity barriers, armed police and metal gates are all signs of a failed ideology. The transformation of our nations from cohesive, high trust societies into multicultural ones has not made us stronger, but has put us at great risk and compromised not only our safety, but the future of our very existence.

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PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to debate with me in the comments about anything I have said, I welcome that. However please listen to the complete podcast and ensure you argue with the points I have made. Arguments that simply consist of nonsense such as "what gives you the right to judge" or "I'm a [insert religious affiliation] and you should be ashamed of yourself" or other such vacuous non-arguments will simply be ridiculed.

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