Planned Parenthood & CPS Collude To Kidnap Kids & Blackmail For Abortions


The Sons of Liberty


Published on Jan 22, 2020

My good friend and former broadcast partner, James White of Northwest Liberty News, has been a voice for victims of the CPS criminal network for nearly a year now via his radio show and recently, he has stumbled upon what is taking place in what he calls “a contract forged in Hell.” Planned Parenthood is colluding with Child Protective Services to kidnap children from good, loving homes when a pregnant mother may come to Planned Parenthood for a free pregnancy test, only to turn around and anonymously report these women when they choose not to have an abortion. CPS steps in, takes the children and threatens the mother that is she will not abort the child or even when they did, not only will they not give her children back, but they will take the child from her once it is born. Heather Hobbs, a Pro-Life Speaker, advocate for life, rape survivor, domestic violence activist, wife to an amazing husband, and mother of four based in Oregon revealed this troubling news to him.

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