Swine Flu Vaccines - Order Out Of Chaos


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Published on Aug 4, 2009

Swine Flu Vaccines - Order Out Of Chaos
Don't take the shot!

There are hard core Eugenicists at the highest levels of government.

Eugenics can be described as the practice of eliminating "unwanted" DNA types from the human population.
Hitler was a Eugenicist. He believed that the Jews,blacks, homosexuals,mentally challenged, people with a low IQ etc. should be eliminated from the population. The nazi war machine began murdering millions of innocent people because they felt that they were creating a better world for the future.

The current global elite believe in the same thing, however they learned that population reduction can not be achieved through brute force (the way Hitler tried to do it). They learned to operate through stealth and that they could secretly reduce the global population by utilizing propaganda to get the people to willingly go along with the eugenics program without even knowing it.
They also learned that keeping people sick without them knowing why is extremely profitable. This can be achieved by things like GM foods (genetically modified), fluoridated water, and mass vaccinations.

There is a pile of evidence that indicates that the flu shot contains dangerous amounts of Mercury and other components which can cause cancer, autism and many other fatal diseases.
In the 1970's there was a so called "flu pandemic" and vaccines were distributed. It turned out that only 1 person died from that particular flu, but 25 people died from the vaccine for that same flu!
Also in the early 90's soldiers who fought in the Gulf War, returned home and many of them had "Gulf War Syndrome" as a direct result of the forced vaccines.
Ever since parents began vaccinating their babies, the amount of children with autism went through the roof because researchers have discovered a direct link between vaccinations and autism and also a direct link to mass vaccines and the rise of cancer patients. But you will never hear of this from mainstream media because they have been bought off by big government many many years ago.

The bottom line is the "global elite" along with "big pharma" are not looking out for the best interest of it's people. They are in fact eugenicists, who have a vested interest in keeping us sick and also reducing the global population to more manageable numbers.

Don't take the shot !!
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